6 Free Online Music Streaming Applications on Smartphones

Life without music is definitely not fun and tends to be boring. For this reason, music is always everywhere, from public transportation to the workplace. Besides, there are currently many free online music streaming applications for smartphones, both Android and iOS.

That way, there are no more obstacles to listening to music all the time, even if you’re on a trip.

For music lovers, music streaming service is certainly an alternative to listen to millions of songs without limits.

Well, here is InfoCharm summarizing some online music streaming applications that can be downloaded on your smartphone:

Online Music Streaming Application on Smartphone

1. Spotify

photo / Google Play Store

Spotify is one of the most popular online music streaming applications and is a favourite among young people.

Equipped with playback and shuffle features, this application offers millions of interesting songs and the most updated.

You can listen to various types of songs for free on Spotify. However, this free service will make you a little annoyed with advertisements.

To be safe from advertising, you can use the paid Spotify service. So, the songs that you download can be listened to offline.

2. JOOX Music

JOOX Music
photo / joox.com

No less popular with Spotify, the free music player application JOOX Music allows you to listen to songs without limits wherever and whenever.

There are millions of songs that can be downloaded and played offline.

This cool thing is, there are various interesting features from JOOX Music, such as radio, playlist recommendations, local or Western song lists, and real time sharing.

3. Apple Music

Apple Music
photo / apple.com

Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming services, especially for iOS users.

Here, you will find a collection of tens of millions of songs, radio shows and other audio content.

However, Apple Music is not free, aka you must subscribe first before enjoying audio content in this one application.

4. Google Play Music

Google Play Music
photo / neurogadget.net

Initially, this music player application is not so intense in use. But, you have to subscribe monthly to access Google Play Music.

Fortunately, for one-time subscription, you immediately get access to Google’s YouTube video content without ads.

Very cool, right?

5. YouTube Music

YouTube Music
photo / Medium

You could say, YouTube Music is one of the largest music player applications in the world that can be accessed free of charge.

But the name is also free, there will definitely be some annoying advertisements.

One thing to take note of is, you need to subscribe to YouTube Music Premium so as to listen to songs offline without being interrupted by advertisements.

Not only to listen to songs, this application also provides good video clips that you can enjoy.

6. Mixcloud – Radio & DJ Mixes

photo / musically.com

Like song remixes? Then you really have to download this online music streaming application called MixCloud.

With this app installed on your device, you can listen to millions of cool remixes and hits from famous radio broadcasters and DJs.

The music category here ranges from EDM, Deep House, Dubstep, and others.


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